Thursday, July 25, 2013

Political prostitution - Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati's devious, deceitful agenda exposed:

This is the work of a nasty woman called Ariana Paretututanganui -Tamati, pictured, at left - a devious, sleazy, conniving, deceitful, liar, who is attempting to infiltrate and undermine the Wellington protest against the GCSB Bill and hijack it for her own personal agenda.

She has undermined and sabotaged all the efforts of the people who HAVE been organising the Wellington protest against the GCSB Bill this Saturday, while she's been doing nothing but wasting time and causing trouble - here's the latest evidence of her work - she and her low life mates have been reporting this perfectly innocuous post on the Wellington Event page (at the link above) in a co-ordinated, targeted attack in order to achieve the post being removed and me blocked from facebook - the post being the order of ceremonies for the Wellington event - which I am the Host of!

Who is behind this really - who is incentivising her to try and derail our peaceful protest with her nut bar friends talking about blocking roads and other violent action, and grandstanding for her own political agenda.

She previously deleted all the files on the organisers page - the list of speakers, the order of ceremonies, the fliers, the list of events, the outline of the skit, etc, she's lied and claimed other people's work as her own - she's a prize cow.  She's standing for the Mana party apparently - come along on Saturday and listen to her make a fool of herself. 

In this screenshot, you can see that I am the host of the event, but I now cannot post to facebook for 24 hours, after this little piece of scum called Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati made false and malicious complaints - she's apparently representing the Mana party - I suggest they UP THEIR GAME!  - AND GET RID OF NASTY LITTLE TROUBLEMAKERS LIKE HER and find some DECENT candidates!

Then, she made the mistake of writing a huge diatribe for all the world to see - accusing me of being some lady in Napier - who came on and went nuts - and raving on about Ariana's mate, delusional fraudster Cherie Sweeney -Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati couldn't apologise quick enough and admit her complete idiocy - extremely OFFENSIVE and DELUSIONAL idiocy!  - Anyone with enough money to waste can pay a lawyer to write utter nonsense like this.  No Court has ever given it a file number I'll bet!  No wonder this country's in the state it's in - with "politicians" like Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati "in charge of" the controlled opposition.

Update - this morning I received this screenshot from one of the speakers - disgusted at Ariana's behaviour - together with a request that she be removed from the event entirely and certainly included on the speakers list with credible people who know what they're talking about as she is clearly a deluded, spiteful, selfish, politician with a very divisive and destructive personal agenda!

This picture shows that I can't even respond to questions from other organisers directed to me!

Ariana has SABOTAGED this protest and should be booted out of politics entirely!  She's nothing but a lying little attention seeker without any brains!  Here's how the facebook page is now being run - people now too scared to bring their kids because of Ariana and her gang mates and this outrageous and disgusting posting all over the page of offensive and violent rubbish from a bunch of gang members and half witted attention seeking "politicians" and self appointed "activists" - they're NOT activists - they are a bunch of half witted attention seekers!

Here's more evidence of Ariana's "extensive protesting experience" - shameless self promotion!  No support - apart from a few naive 'journalists'!

Speaking of journalists, I received a lovely email from Andrea Vance, one of our invited speakers, she'll be there on Saturday if she can make it, hopefully we can prevent Ms Ariana PT derailing it.

Updates about the GCSB Bill and the protest are at this link.

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  1. Well said - I'm hardly what you'd term a "lefty" at all, but this sort of behaviour from people like her does zero to further any cause - and is not too far from the actions she's wanting to prevent? Power ay... even a little bit....