Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going to prison - not as easy as you'd think with Serco in charge:

In 2010 Judge Helen Winkelmann contravened two statutes and unlawfully denied the defendants in the Urewera trials their statutory right to a trial by jury - cemented in the cornerstone of the law - dating back to the Magna Carta - a citizen has the right to be tried by a jury of their peers, not one Judge.  The standard of the judiciary in New Zealand is by and large an utter disgrace, and as this video shows, the standards at the Serco run prison aren't too flash either.

Vince Siemer tried to hand himself in at Mt Eden prison following the split decision in the Supreme Court ordering him to be imprisoned for exposing judicial corruption, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court dissented with her colleagues, to her credit.

While most of the media - and most of the citizens of New Zealand blissfully ignore what's really going on with eyes wide shut, intrepid reporters like Vince Siemer, and Vinny Eastwood, who filmed and edited this clip - and composed and performed the stirring rendition of music in the clip - go where no man has gone before in the pursuit of the truth about our Courts, police, and prisons, and how whistleblowers are being unlawfully incarcerated in ever new and imaginative ways.  

Here Vinnie tries to hand himself in to the Serco run Mr Eden prison and finds out it's not as easy as you'd think.

Please leave an encouraging comment on the Youtube site to show support for the work Vinnie and others are doing to expose corruption and incompetence.

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