Tuesday, July 2, 2013

GCSB Bill public submissions - Key, Banks and Ryall reveal their true colours:

This is a fascinating insight into our political leaders, and the way they interact with their constituents - Key and his ministers display a contempt and arrogance which is unmistakable, as ever more evidence of the government spying on ordinary New Zealanders is revealed.

The government is currently hearing' oral submissions in support of the written submissions received regarding the proposed amendments to legalise the illegal actions of the government. after they were caught out breaking the law spectacularly.

Auckland activist Penny Bright travelled from Auckland to speak in support of her written submission regarding the Government Communications Security Bureau Amendment Bill, this short video clip shows that Key and Banks had no intention of listening to Ms Bright, and can barely disguise his arrogance, mockery and contempt at being forced to listen to the people he serves - a fascinating insight into how the government of the people REALLY works. 

Note at the beginning how Key attempts to close the meeting with undue haste in order to prevent Ms Bright from being heard, after she popped out for a no doubt much needed breath of fresh air, luckily she beat Key to the door, after fellow political commentator Maria Van Der Meel saved the day.  Our politicians reveal their true colours:

Other submissions have been made by TechLiberty, The NZ Law Society, and many others.

Illegal and unwarranted spying on citizens for political purposes is now widespread, and this matter is of great concern to a growing number of New Zealanders.

Instead of being held accountable for the widespread illegal spying on the citizens who elect our representatives, Key's National government is now trying to change the law, and make their illegal actions legal - this is NOT democracy, and as the video above clearly demonstrates, Key had no intention of listening to submitters, and apparently lacks basic good manners and other vital qualities of a Prime Minister.  The video speaks for itself, and is a testament to the value of diligent independent journalists, such as the one who filmed this clip yesterday afternoon. 

Kim Dotcom is due to appearing today.  The link to Mr Dotcom's full address is at this link.

This particular link here shows how Russel Norman and David Shearer asked for extra time to question Mr Dotcom - given that he was the whole reason we were there, however Key demonstrated his usual arrogance and contempt for the democratic process, Mr Dotcom says he was sent an email saying he and Mr Van Der Kolk would be given twenty five minutes instead of the fifteen minutes John Dot Con suddenly decided to impose (that's me in the background in the green jacket filming).  Journalist Gordon Campbell summarises at this link.  Thomas Beagle also rated a mention on The Civilian.
Among the submitters heard on Friday were representatives from OASIS.

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