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Six Remaining Charges Withdrawn - "Laid by Mistake" Claim Police:

MORE mistakes from the incompetent and corrupt Wairarapa police, who are now forced to admit it in Court:

After the Crown asked for no fewer than FOUR adjournments after the Crown told the Court their fantastical fictional fairy story and then told the Court they had no evidence to offer on the charge of Perverting the Course of Justice, it wasn't in the public interest to prosecute, and it might "fuel her delusions and paranoia and delay and prevent her recovery", in an effort to inflict maximum stress and anxiety upon me, as well as depression, worry and strong feelings of injustice, the Masterton police prosecutor led everyone to believe that the police were intending to proceed with the six corruptly laid charges in the Masterton Court today, 29 August 2011.

Arriving at the Court at ten o'clock as summoned, I had to wait till shortly before three in the afternoon, whereupon the police suddenly decided to withdraw the charges - all the charges.  This is after getting no fewer that four adjournments after the Crown decision, each one of which was an abuse of the Court process, and a complete and utter waste of time and tax payers money, but what's worse is that this is evidence that the Masterton police and the Masterton Court are still getting away with perverting the course of justice on a regular basis.  And it didn't end there, the cheek of the prosecutor knew no bounds:

When the charges were withdrawn I asked the Judge firstly for costs, and secondly, for an order under section 30 of the Criminal Disclosures Act for Formal Disclosure of the charge of Breaching a Protection Order.  The prosecutor asked for time to make submissions regarding the application for costs, and then had the cheek to waste even more time by arguing that because he was withdrawing the charge the police shouldn't be obliged to provide the disclosure - which is utter rubbish of course.  These Masterton prosecutors need to be sacked as a matter of urgency if the Wairarapa police are to retain any credibility whatsoever.  It's not enough to just move them on, like Catholic priests, to do it somewhere else all over again, like Constables David Gallagher, Laura Rhymer, Paul Dallinger, Mia Wilton, Steve Wakefield, Harvey Pope, Peter Cletus Cunningham - the Wairarapa police stations are full of these creeps, and we are paying the wages of each one of them, every month - wake up sheeple!

I explained to the Judge that I wanted the disclosure because:
  1. the law said I was entitled to it and the police were required by law to provide it ages ago according to sections 12 and 13 of the Criminal Disclosures Act
  2. Having been accused in the public Court, for all this time, I have a fundamental and inalienable right to know what the charge is based on, 
  3. I need the Disclosure because I intend to sue the police for pursuing a corrupt campaign of malicious and vexatious - not to mention unfounded - prosecutions against me, which has had the most dire repercussions.  
Unbelievably, the police prosecutor then argued that I should write a letter under the Official Information Act instead, thereby wasting my time and the time of whatever police officer has to deal with the request, when he should just simply get on with providing it and stop wasting everyone's time.  Then he lied about the file being in Wellington (it was, but only briefly), and that I hadn't requested it in writing, which I had, many times, and there is evidence that several lawyers also wrote requesting it.

Then he came out with the best bit, saying I shouldn't have it because "the charge had been laid by mistake" and that "it should never have been laid in the first place."  No, of course it shouldn't have.  And neither should the other five, or the Perverting the Course of Justice or Escaping From Custody or all the other ones they've had a crack at and lost, like Billsticking, the five charges from the matter involving Georgina Beyer, Rachel Betteridge's perjurous complaint, etc, etc.

Judge Wainwright wasn't falling for it, she made an order for the Disclosure to be provided, and I will seek legal advice regarding the matter of costs once I receive it.  I will also make requests under the Official Information Act and Privacy Act as well, and encourage others to make formal requests for information if they are dissatisfied in their dealings with the police or government departments, etc, and ask for costs too - the cost to me of this "mistake" has been absolutely immense.

Here is the report in the local paper, I'll give them a 7 out of 10, but will have to write a correction.  The other charges were certainly NOT withdrawn because of my health.  The Crown was forced to admit that they had no evidence to offer regarding the charge of Perverting the Course of Justice, Escaping from Custody was thrown out half way through the hearing of a Crown application, there was nothing wrong with my health relevant to the proceedings either, that had just been clearly established, there will soon be more links posted to the medical reports, read them for yourself.  Meanwhile, the big news round here is that the local paper, Wairarapa Times-Age, nearly got it right, good work boys (I wondered why someone was searching my sites for "Matt Stewart", "Tanya Katterns plagiarism", etc ;)  - Here's their report:

Here's the letter of correction I have asked them to print:  It's already been returned with an out of office autoresponse, and been resent to the referred email address, that of Don Farmer.
Wairarapa Times-Age

6 September 2011

Dear Sir,

Regarding the report (31 August 2011, p A4) of Court matters involving me.

The report is incorrect, and I request that you publish this correction.  The charge of Perverting the Course of Justice was not withdrawn as your report states, it was dismissed after the Crown admitted that they had no evidence to offer, and they claimed it wouldn't be in the public interest to proceed with the prosecution.  The same two excuses they've recently offered in support of another application to offer no evidence regarding the 18 people charged in the Urewera raids.

The references to my health in the Crown memorandum are directly contradicted by the opinions of the medical professionals.  Quotes from their reports can be found at, the website of Transparency in New Zealand, in particular

There is not, and has never been any evidence about my health at the time of the offence, or any other evidence to justify the charge being dropped, there was nothing wrong with my health then and there's nothing wrong with it now, and there's been nothing wrong with it full stop.  Because a person believes that the Wairarapa police and Court staff are unprofessional to the point of being corrupt doesn't mean the person is delusional.  Making hundreds of child abuse files "disappear" and claim they were "lost" is basically corruption.  Claiming that the file regarding the "investigation" into the allegations of fraud regarding the Carterton Community Centre "does not exist" to cover up the fact that the investigation never took place is corruption.  This is what the medical professionals actually said egarding my fitness to stand trial:

Two days before the date of the Crown memorandum an experienced medical professional wrote:
"Ms Raue presented as pleasant, polite, well groomed and looked physically quite healthy and relaxed."  "Her manner was pleasant and quite relaxed throughout the interview and she showed no evidence of any pressure in her thinking. Her speech, while a little speeded at times, was not noticeably pressured and her thought processes were logical and rational throughout the period of the interview.  We spent some time discussing the issues of the court, the charges and her intended defence.  She was able to explain clearly and rationally the way in which she intends to defend herself against the charge and remained focused on this throughout, without introducing any extraneous or irrelevant material and without displaying any paranoid thought processes in relation to the charges."  "Her understanding of the legal issues is very good and she has the ability to formulate and enter a plea and to follow all the matters pertinent to the court."  "Overall my impression is that she will be able to interact successfully with the court for the purpose of conducting her defence.  In my opinion she is fit to stand trial."

Another wrote: Her account included a number of persecutory ideas.  However on balance, considering her ideas and reviewing the other materials, I do not think Ms Raue has a mental illness, particularly I do not believe that she has a psychotic illness characterised by the development of persecutory delusions."  He also says "I would further observe the litigious quality to her presentation means that she has an exaggerated intellectual understanding of court process and would be well capable of following legal process and both entering a plea and instructing a lawyer."

There was never any grounds for any of the charges, or evidence to support them, as readers of my website can see for themselves, and there was nothing wrong with my health as the reports quoted above, and others, attest, apart from depression and stress due to the ongoing campaign of harassment, and unfair treatment, from the local police.

Please publish the above correction in its entirety.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Raue
Transparency in New Zealand
Friends of Caring Communities (FOCCers)

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