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NZ Mental Health Services, Court update:

At left is the certificate written to the Wellington Court by Dr Brenda Sally Rimkeit on 8th March 2011, which contained information which Rimkeit knew to be false, and as a result of which I was detained unlawfully for over three months.  I was "agitated" because I had been unlawfully detained for four days under appalling circumstances, after having been unlawfully imprisoned also in February 2010 after a Court error regarding these matters, and the amicus Bryan Yeoman was being particularly obstructive.  It is utterly untrue to say that I "cannot practicably be examined for the purpose of n assessment report for the court unless she is detained in a psychiatric hospital or secure facilitty under section 38(2)(c)(ii) of the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act 2003."

Rimkeit had accused me of not keeping an appointment with her for an assessment, which had been made in Porirua of all places, a few weeks earlier, and I had told her what I had told Judge Barry the previous week in the Masterton Court: that WINZ refused to assist me when I applied for a recoverable advance for travel costs to get to the Wellington Court and to the appointment which had been made in Porirua, when it should have been made in Masterton like the original appointment with Dr Barry-Walsh, and WINZ should have granted me an advance towards transport costs.  WINZ refused on the grounds that "Work and Income cannot be seen to assist people who do not abide by the law" - which is an outrageous decision, because in civilised societies people are generally presumed innocent unless proven guilty.  Also, I understood that my attendance in Wellington Court was excused pending the assessments and reports being completed.  The process had been further delayed by the amicus curiae Bryan Yeoman who insisted on two further reports after Dr Justin Barry-Walsh wrote that in his opinion I was not suffering from ANY mental illness and in particular, I was not delusional.

Judge Barry accepted my explanation and agreed that the second and third appointments which Yeoman insisted on should have been made in Masterton and not Porirua.  I explained to Rimkeit that I did not need to be detained in a "hospital" for the assessments, I just needed the appointments to be in Masterton or else assistance with the cost of getting to Porirua (not unreasonable requests by any means).  I explained that I was unhappy because I had been locked up for four days unreasonably, on top of being locked up wrongfully already regarding the joined indictment in February last year (details at the link above and this link and others, like this one.)

But Dr Rimkeit insisted that I should be detained in 'hospital'.
The first sentence of Rimkeit's "Summary" are one thing; a depressed and anxious mood, etc, etc: - none of that is evidence of anything other than situational anxiety and claustrophobia, and a feeling of injustice, concern about my employment, responsibilities to animals, etc, all of which were a direct result of my unnecessary and unreasonable detention.

The second sentence of Rimkeit's certificate is really something though:  "Thought pattern is circumstantial and content characterised by overvalued ideas of police corruption and conspiracy by various government departments.  A hospital setting would be most appropriate setting at this time for further assessment of mental state."  Firstly, the evidence shows that my ideas are not overvalued, a view that is also held by other more experienced and well qualified psychiatrists, such as Dr Barry-Walsh, whose report can be viewed at the link above (or the post below, depending on where you are).  Secondly, it is not for Brenda Sally Rimkeit to decide whether my ideas are over valued or whether the idea that I perverted the course of justice is over valued, that is a matter for the Court to decide.  A matter for the Judge and Jury, not Brenda Sally Rimkeit.  Particularly also taking into account the comments by Dr Justin Barry-Walsh: "Her account included a number of persecutory ideas.  However on balance considering her ideas and reviewing the other materials, I do not think Ms Raue has a mental illness, particularly I do not believe that she has a psychotic illness characterised by the development of persecutory delusions.

So after three months of being locked up at the whim (and spite) of Brenda Sally Rimkeit, etc, the Crown pulls the plug on the Perverting the Course of Justice charge, after the course that charge and the joined indictment of Escaping From Custody took through the Courts, the Masterton police prosecutor has obtained four adjournments so far in the Masterton Court, and the matter is being called up again on Monday (tomorrow) , in spite of the fact that police have refused all request from myself and various lawyers for disclosure, or even a Summary of Facts, in spite of the Crown statement that it is not in the public interest to proceed with the prosecution for Perverting the Course of Justice, and: "It is likely that her mental condition influenced her offending.  Continuation of the Court process has potential to fuel Ms Raue's delusions and paranoia.  It may delay or prevent her recovery."  And after several lawyer's letters including 8th July and 4th August 2011 requesting disclosure because "She has a right to know why she was charged.  Not knowing why is impacting adversely on her emotional and mental well being."  And requesting: "Please attend to this matter as a priority."  

No disclosure whatsoever has been provided to date regarding the charge involving an  alleged breach of a protection order.  The other charges are based on the 'evidence' of liars (and will not stand up for this very reason, like most of the other charges brought against me by the corrupt Wairarapa police) but the point is that it is very stressful and debilitating indeed.

After getting no support or advocacy regarding these matters from the Wairarapa Mental Health Services, I requested an email address last week for Dr Wolfgang Kure, so that I could discuss these matters with him.  This is the response I received, and a rather damning indictment it is:

23 August 2011 18:28

Hi Kate,

I spoke with Helen Morgan, who was your Case Management and she said you need to write to Dr Kura as emails are not supposed to be given out.

Dr Wolfgang Kura
Hutt Valley  DHB
Te Whare Ahuru
High Street
Lower Hutt

With regard to your advocacy – you could write to the Masterton Trust Lands Trust,  who may be able to help you find someone.  Betty Knox is a person who comes to mind.

Hugh Gaywood-Eyre

I would hazard a guess that he is referring to Betty Knott, the local Health and Disability Advocate, in a classic pass of the buck.  The is not an acceptable response to a request for mental health advocacy and support, and is perhaps why we have such high rates of suicide in the Wairarapa, because it is just typical of the lack of such support and advocacy and the failure of the existing agencies to deal with the matter.

The Court can't have it both ways:  If I was "unwell" when I was alleged to have perverted the course of justice, and was allegedly still so "significantly unwell" as recently as June, and if it was not in the public interest to prosecute me for that charge because of the reasons given in the Crown memorandum, and the claim that it will fuel my alleged paranoia and delusions and delay and prevent y recovery, then it certainly is not in the public interest to continue with these corruptly laid charges which are being called tomorrow.  Watch this space for an update tomorrow in the interests of Transparency in New Zealand.

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