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No Disclosure, Altered Documents, by Masterton Police Prosecutor & Court Registrar- Again:

This is a copy of the summons which was shown to me briefly at the Masterton Police station on 4th March 2011.

I didn't see it again for over three months, when this copy was faxed to Thomas, Dewar Sziranyi and Letts, lawyers.

Lawyer Louise Sziranyi was immediately instructed to request Full Disclosure from the police regarding the matter, in particular and with urgency any Summary of Facts which might exist, any actual complaint, statement to police, details of any 'evidence', expert witnesses to be called, etc.

Louise Sziranyi refused to do this, or anything else.  This summons was received by Thomas Dewar Sziranyi and Letts, on 13 June 2011, after I was forced to repeatedly request it while Louise Sziranyi repeatedly refused to request it, I finally received it about ten days later.

This charge apparently relates to a Protection Order obtained on the basis of a false statement to police in 1996 or thereabouts, by James Laurence Cowley and his wife Maria Saunders.

This is a copy of a police report involving a false complaint to police by James Laurence Cowley, on 5th April 1996, in which Cowley tells police that he has custody of our daughter, and insinuates that she lives with him and wants to come "home" and other rubbish.

In May 2010 I copied information received from CYFS or whatever they call themselves these days onto one of my websites, because I was being subjected to false accusations resulting from the policy of the local police of "information sharing"  which amounts to spreading malicious gossip and lies.

In September 2010 someone calling themselves "Abused Victim" posted a comment at the end of that post saying:  "Ok, times up bag lady. I don't really care what you say here about me, nobody gives a shit. What pisses me off are your emails to our daughter you sick pathetic child abuser.
Go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect any child welfare.you are a loser and the sooner you face up to that the better for you. Now fuck off."

I responded with:  "Good grief, poor James Cowley still sees himself as being the "Abused Victim" in all of this - unbelievable!  This says it all!  I rest my case!"  I then received a large number of emails from both James and Maria Cowley, entitled "Last Warning" etc, I emailed back requesting that James Cowley and Maria Saunders leave me alone and not send me unsolicited emails:  
(LAST WARNING:  STOP harassing me with your unsolicited, threatening emails.  

You are welcome to build your own website and put your stupid pieces of paper on it but don't send them to me repeatedly BECAUSE IT IS HARASSMENT AND THREATENING BEHAVIOUR.
You are even/also welcome to comment on my blog and refer readers to your information, but I haven't published anything I shouldn't have.
What specifically do you object to?  And why?
I REMIND YOU, THAT YOU LIED TO POLICE IN STATING "I HAVE CUSTODY, LILY LIVES WITH ME" ETC ETC.  And they said "We'll help you get your daughter, but it won't be easy."  Because they KNEW you were lying.") 

I then received a copy of an email from James Cowley to Constable Paul Dallinger, a particularly corrupt constable recently arrived in Carterton from Dannevirke.

The reference in the penultimate sentence relates to the above page of James Cowley's affidavit, (para 17).

More information is at http://kate-raue.blogspot.com/2010/05/joy-cowley-study-of-child-abuse.html including  evidence and full details of how, far from being settled at school, Lily's grades plummeted and her behaviour gave great cause for concern.  Evidence shows that James and Maria sent her to live with a couple of Open Home Foundation caregivers, the male of whom sexually molested her, then nine days later Maria told the CYPS social worker that she'd sent her flatting because she wasn't pulling her weight around the house"!

James Cowley should be locked up for lying to police, this summons was never going to stand up in Court, which is why police didn't release a copy of the summons until 13 June, and why they won't release any other information about the charge such as a Statement of Facts, complaint, witness statement, etc.

The point of this information being posted on the internet is not the personal story, but the indisputable facts and evidence regarding the actions of CYFS staff, police officers, and the Court.  The fact that a 13 year old girl was unlawfully taken from a loving home and one of the best schools in New Zealand, at which she was excelling, and systematically derailed her life, and how that happened, in New Zealand in 1996.  There's more to this story too, but out of respect for my daughter and family those details will continue to remain private.

It is outrageous that the Crown can pull a stunt like it did, suddenly deciding to call no evidence against me , after locking me in a lunatic asylum for over three months, with the pitiful excuse that although a number of psychiatrists had attested that I was fit to plead, fit to stand trial and fit to present my case to the Court, it allegedly was not in the public interest to proceed with the prosecution and "It is likely that her mental condition influenced her offending.  Continuation of the Court process has potential to fuel Ms Raue's delusions and paranoia.  It may delay or prevent her recovery."

It's even more outrageous that, having been robbed of justice in the matter of the false and corrupt accusation of Perverting the Course of Justice, now the Masterton police prosecutor can continue to get four adjournments in the Court since the Crown memorandum was filed, for charges like this!  Time to protest about how our taxes are being squandered like this while the real problems are mismanaged and ignored.

In the mean time, I can['t get a job because of the police policy of "information sharing", which works like this:
This, of course, is the true story of my beliefs, and evidence that they are clearly not delusional.

This is evidence that other people are delusional, malicious, or at best, unprofessional, misinformed, ignorant, etc.

I've never been charged by the police with any offence or "incident" involving a child in my life, let alone "recently".

But as you can see, the local police have been gossiping and telling lies about me for a long time.

There's more information on these sites about how the school principal Rod O'Leary lied to the police and then failed to turn up to Court recently regarding these matters.

"After being fired from her school in Carterton, she believed that the headmaster had been paid off or bribed to do so.  The pay off was large enough for him to purchase a BMW car." says 'Dr' Silly Rimkeit's report - I have never ever said that or anything like that, it is a deluded figment of Rimkeit's imagination.  Here's more evidence, in the form of notes by the principal of St Matthews Collegiate in Masterton in 2002, following phone calls from local police, who were personally embarrassed by my enquiries into the fraud and misfeasance at the former Carterton Community Centre.

The corruption and incompetence of local police has been well documented on website posts like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one.  Not to mention this one, or this one, or this one.

The police should stop worrying about me and ringing up my place of employment incessantly, and get on with investigating real crime.  They should charge Michael Francis Murphy with the attack on me on 11 February 2009, without further delay.  They should tell James Cowley to fight his own battles, particularly after unlawfully taking my daughter and delivering her into the hands of her abuser, and particularly taking into account how things have turned out.  

If I am accused with lies, why should I not publish the truth?

I doubt this summons is even valid, looking at all the crossings out of dates, etc, what a cheek Liz Harpleton and Garry Wilson have got, getting four adjournments for this rubbish!  They both need to be locked up for contempt of Court without delay.

I am clearly not the delusional one here, 'Dr' Sally Rimkeit's allegations regarding my beliefs are simply not supported by any published opinions of mine or anything else, my beliefs are clear, unambiguous, logical, supported by indisputable evidence, and totally rational.

The links between the attack on 11th February, the Mayoral Diary, the text messages from Michael Francis Murphy - "We're at your house with the police and Gary McPhee" etc, are clearly spelled out and supported by the evidence, which is why Dr Justin Barry-Walsh found that I was clearly not delusional.

These matters come before the Masterton Court again on 29 August 2011.

Here is a letter faxed to the Masterton Police Prosecutions Section, requesting disclosure urgently on 4 August 2011, there has been no response from the Police to this or any of the other requests for this information.

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