Sunday, September 18, 2011

Minute of Judge Wainwright - Order for Disclosure of Information:

This is the Order made by Judge Wainwright regarding the refusal of the police to provide any information whatsoever regarding the corruptly laid charge of allegedly breaching a protection order.  

Police had to admit in Court that the charges were laid "by mistake" and "never should have been laid" in a desperate attempt to avoid providing me with disclosure - which constitutes proof that corrupt Constable Paul Dallinger perverted the course of justice - AGAIN - and that's why he's suddenly quit the New Zealand police and fled the country - before I can drag HIS sorry arse into Court and have him slammed in prison where he belongs! 

Judge Caroline Wainwright made a Court Order forcing the Police to provide the disclosure after the prosecutor tried to refuse - what a mockery of justice that man is - sergeant Garry Wilson should have got the sack YEARS ago - it would have saved the taxpayers a fortune!  He and the Court deputy registrar Liz Harpleton cheated on their respective spouses years ago and shacked up together and have been perverting the course of justice together in the Masterton Court ever since!

And the certificate from the Wellington District Court, confirming that I was acquitted of these serious charges:

CLEARLY I was acquitted - but the prejudiced, biased, slanderous little local journalists take every opportunity to twist the truth by saying the charges were withdrawn.  - I pleaded "NOT GUILTY" loud and clear too - on many occasions - not "No Plea"!

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