Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stranger than Fiction - Crown Gives Up the Ghost:

The Crown has given up the ghost of the unlikely chance it had of ever succeeding with the charge of Perverting the Course of Justice, after the joined indictment of Escaping From Custody was thrown out last September. It is over two years since I was charged with the offences, after a remarkable sequence of events. The campaign of harassment and corrupt and malicious prosecution against me by the Wairarapa police (in collusion with various other people) has cost the New Zealand tax payers a small fortune in monetary terms, but the greatest cost by far has been the damage to the integrity of the justice system and the New Zealand police. Not to mention the chilling and shocking insight into the New Zealand mental health system, and how it's used to silence critics of the so called 'justice' system!

After over two years of these corrupt prosecutions the Crown filed a memorandum in the Court dated 15 June 2011 stating that they proposed calling no evidence against me. They had no evidence to offer from the moment the charges were laid. The events of the last five months have been a chilling revelation into mental health services and the justice system in New Zealand these days.

Five months ago, on the 4th March, I was arrested at my home by Constables Paul Dallinger and Mia Wilton, who took obvious delight in pushing me around, handcuffing me, groping me, etc, during the "arrest". When we got to the Masterton police station they told me that the Judge had gone home (a Friday, just after midday) and I'd have to stay in the police station cells overnight. They alleged that I had breached Court bail by not going to psychiatric appointments and Court. I told them what I told Judge Barry only a week or so earlier: After the initial psychiatric assessment had been in Masterton (which I had attended, with Dr Justin Barry-Walsh) I then received two letters advising me of two other appointments in Porirua. I am unemployed, since the police lied to the school I worked at and told the most outrageous lies (police told the school that they'd "recently charged me with an offence involving a child", etc) and I certainly cannot afford to travel to Porirua - twice.

WINZ refused to assist me with an application for (a recoverable grant of) financial assistance on the following grounds: "Work and Income can not be seen to assist people who do not abide by the law"! So much for being innocent until found guilty. Judge Barry agreed with me that this was unacceptable because the appointments should have been made in Masterton in the first place like the initial appointment, which I had attended. I understood that my attendance at the minor Court fixture had been excused pending the reports being completed, it certainly should have been.

My doctor had written police and the Court letters attesting to the serious effect that this campaign of bullying and harassment was having on my physical and mental health. I was regularly suffering depression and claustrophobia from all the hours I was forced to spend sitting in cells, Courts, etc, one letter particularly asked that my attendance be excused if possible and that I not be locked in cells unnecessarily.

The Police Complaints Authority has already upheld a previous complaint about the brutal, sadistic and corrupt actions of the Wairarapa police towards me.

I was finally brought before Judge Davidson in the Wellington Court on Tuesday 8th March after being taken to the Court on the Monday, but being sent back to Arohata Prison because the amicus curiae, Bryan Yeoman, hadn't turned up to Court. While waiting in the horrible graffiti covered, filthy cells that feel like medieval dungeons, in came a woman who introduced herself as Sally Rimkeit. This woman (Brenda Sally Rimkeit) wrote a certificate for the Court that in her opinion I needed to be held in custody to have two psychiatric reports completed to determine whether I was fit to stand trial or whether I was insane. On the basis of her opinion I was remanded to a medium security psychiatric institution, with people who had been found guilty of murder, etc). I was detained there for months, forcibly drugged with serious heavy duty antipsychotic medication, and witnessed, and personally suffered, absolutely appalling 'treatment' at the hands of people, some of whom were WAY more deluded than I am, all at the expense of the good old New Zealand taxpayer. At our first meeting (on 8 March) she told me that she had only recently qualified as a forensic psychiatrist

In her report dated 22 March (after two weeks of 'treatment') "Dr" Rimkeit makes the following statement under the heading "Assessment of fitness to stand trial:"
"It is my opinion (and that of forensic psychiatrist Dr Jacqueline Short, currently my acting supervisor) that Ms Raue is unfit to stand trial. She currently has a mental impairment which is Delusional Disorder. Ms Raue has stated on a number of occasions during this assessment period that she feels capable of representing and defending herself against the current charges. She has suggested that her main line of defence is that the charges are the result of corrupt acts by certain parties and that she will name these parties in Court. My concern is that if she proceeds to represent herself at Court she may, through her delusional belief system, falsely accuse certain parties of wrongdoing." What?!!! I am the one falsely accused, and fully intended to call a witness who will swear on oath that they heard Aaron Brook boasting that Gary McPhee (ex Mayor and drunken bully) paid him money to lie in Court against me, I am perfectly entitled to do this, and it would have most definitely been in the public interest and in the interests of justice for the jury to decide that, not Brenda Silly Rimkeit! It is completely outrageous that a serious criminal trial can be aborted like this because of the mumbo jumbo of mad women like this and malicious doctors like Safarti, who knew perfectly well that I was not delusional, not a danger to myself or anyone else, perfectly well able to care for myself and not suffering from any major mental illness and probably not any minor one either for that matter unless you count depression and situational claustrophobia.

Furthermore, a number of psychiatrists did not share Rimkeit's delusions, Dr Justin Barry-Walsh wrote: "Her account included a number of persecutory ideas. However on balance, considering her ideas and reviewing the other materials, I do not think Ms Raue has a mental illness, particularly I do not believe that she has a psychotic illness characterised by the development of persecutory delusions." He also says "I would further observe the litigious quality to her presentation means that she has an exaggerated intellectual understanding of court process and would be well capable of following legal process and both entering a plea and instructing a lawyer."

Dr Judson's report of 13 June 2011 says: "Ms Raue presented as pleasant, polite, well groomed and looked physically quite healthy and relaxed." "Her manner was pleasant and quite relaxed throughout the interview and she showed no evidence of any pressure in her thinking. Her speech, while a little speeded at times, was not noticeably pressured and her thought processes were logical and rational throughout the period of the interview. We spent some time discussing the issues of the court, the charges and her intended defence. She was able to explain clearly and rationally the way in which she intends to defend herself against the charge and remained focused on this throughout, without introducing any extraneous or irrelevant material and without displaying any paranoid thought processes in relation to the charges." "Her understanding of the legal issues is very good and she has the ability to formulate and enter a plea and to follow all the matters pertinent to the court." "Overall my impression is that she will be able to interact successfully with the court for the purpose of conducting her defence. In my opinion she is fit to stand trial." This makes an utter mockery of Rimkeit's comments and of the Crown memorandum. The Crown never had any intention of allowing this matter to go to trial because they knew perfectly well that it was an orchestrated litany of lies cobbled together in a pathetic attempt to pervert the course of justice by the Wairarapa police, professional leech Bryan Yeoman (there's a link on this site to the Legal Services website showing how much money he's been paid for his "services" and others.

Constable Laura Rhymer lied, fabricated evidence and committed perjury, falsely charging me with offences which she knew perfectly well I hadn't committed. She conspired with other corrupt Wairarapa police officers to conceal serious violent crimes and instead pursue a vindictive campaign of corrupt harassment against the victim of the crimes. I have already been acquitted of the joined count of Escaping From Custody which was thrown out after Crown Prosecutor Ms Andrea Ewing had the good sense (last September) to agree that was the proper thing to do.

If the trial had gone ahead the extent of the police corruption would have been revealed and proven, it is an outrageous miscarriage of justice that the trial has been aborted, and the reasons given by the Crown prosecutor are a pathetic load of claptrap.

These actions were a direct attempt to shut me up for raising awareness and taking action regarding the plague of systemic child abuse in the Wairarapa and the policy of local police who have been covering it up and enabling the abusers, reabusing the victims and the subsequent epidemic of suicide.

Read how after seven years, the so called 'inquiry' has been nothing but a corrupt cover up!

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