Sunday, May 22, 2011

Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1967 No 129 as at 1 October 2009

 Section 5:

Costs of successful defendant
  • (1) Where any defendant is acquitted of an offence or where the information charging him with an offence is dismissed or withdrawn, whether upon the merits or otherwise, or where he is discharged under section 184F of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957 the Court may, subject to any regulations made under this Act, order that he be paid such sum as it thinks just and reasonable towards the costs of his defence.
    (2) Without limiting or affecting the Court's discretion under subsection (1) of this section, it is hereby declared that the Court, in deciding whether to grant costs and the amount of any costs granted, shall have regard to all relevant circumstances and in particular (where appropriate) to—
    • (a) Whether the prosecution acted in good faith in bringing and continuing the proceedings:
    • (b) Whether at the commencement of the proceedings the prosecution had sufficient evidence to support the conviction of the defendant in the absence of contrary evidence:
    • (c) Whether the prosecution took proper steps to investigate any matter coming into its hands which suggested that the defendant might not be guilty:
    • (d) Whether generally the investigation into the offence was conducted in a reasonable and proper manner:
    • (e) Whether the evidence as a whole would support a finding of guilt but the information was dismissed on a technical point:
    • (f) Whether the information was dismissed because the defendant established (either by the evidence of witnesses called by him or by the cross-examination of witnesses for the prosecution or otherwise) that he was not guilty:

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