Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harvey Pope, Alan Donoghue, Threats to Poison Horse:

Alan Donoghue

This man spent years in jail for a violent armed robbery and has been bludging a benefit ever since he got out.  He has a history of inappropriately touching women, he is a creep who preys on vulnerable woman and can't keep his hands to himself, let alone the rest of his scrawny anatomy.  He came up behind me, pinned my arms to my sides and pressed himself against me in the most disgusting manner and then lied to Police when I tried to leave, saying I assaulted him.  He is a dangerous violent criminal and the public is warned to keep away from him.

Several people alerted me to the fact that some concerned citizen has got sick of the hateful graffiti about e which is left up all over town, notably at St Mary's church, and they have painted "Constable Harvey Pope Has Aids" or some such thing on a fence in the CBD.  Citizens have noted that it was swiftly removed (certainly before I could get a photo) while St Mary's School are informing all the people who complain to them, that they've "ordered the paint."  How pathetic!  Constable Harvey Pope is doing absolutely nothing about any of my complaints, including the rock being thrown through the window. (See next post at the link below).

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